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High-quality, fixed-detachable /removable dentures

If for some reason a permanently fixed restoration is not possible, or is not what the patient wants, comfortable fixed-detachable/removable bridges and partial dentures are a good alternative. At our Dental Clinic we mainly use telescope and precision attachment techniques.


Telescopic dentures:

In a reduced row of residual teeth, the still existing teeth are equipped with double crowns. Implants can also be installed in key strategic positions and combined with natural teeth to increase the total number of abutments available. The prosthetic superstructures are telescopic bridges (also gum-free) or partial dentures, depending on the number and distribution of the abutments. These dentures have a very good hold. A decisive advantage of this system from an economic point of view is its extendibility in the case of later loss of an abutment. The construction can then be changed at low expense and retain its long-term usability.

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Precision attachments:

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This form of restoration is often used in situations where the front teeth still exist but the posterior teeth are missing. Small, separate precision attachments are anchored on permanent crowns to hold the removable partial denture safely and discreetly. This form of restoration is vastly superior to conventional clasp dentures.

Removable dentures in cases of total toothlessness

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The conventional form of restoration in the case of total toothlessness is a removable complete denture made of plastic. In the upper jaw, this structure usually holds thanks to a "suction effect". This effect is not so easy to achieve in the lower jaw due to its different anatomy. For this reason, most patients have great problems with the hold of their dentures and often need to use fixatives, etc. The fact that the jaw shrinks year by year after loss of teeth (atrophy) makes this problem all the worse.

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Our basic approach is to try if possible to optimise denture fixation through deployment of implants. For a removable complete denture, just 2 to 4 implants (at least 4 in the upper jaw) are enough to massively improve mastication and life quality.

The introduction of a functional stimulus through the implants also curbs the progressive atrophy of the mandibular ridge, thus preventing further loss of substance.

And we can, of course make it possible for toothless patients to enjoy the greater comfort of fixed dentures by installing a greater number of implants, possibly also in combination with bone regeneration measures.

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